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4/14/16news article

families can now “save their spot” at Dayton Children’s Urgent Care

get in line, without ever leaving home

The last place families with a sick child want to be is sitting in a waiting room. That’s why Dayton Children’s now offers families the option to “save a spot” at the Springboro Urgent Care. It’s a simple online form that allows a sick child to stay comfortable on the couch while waiting for the right time to see the doctor or nurse.

“Since their child is already hurting, our goal is to make a trip to the urgent care as painless as possible for families,” says Melissa King, DO, medical director of the urgent care. “This process gives families control over their waiting experience.”

Here’s how it works: Families check Dayton Children’s website for the current estimated wait time at the urgent care. They can then enter their child’s name, their email and cell phone number. Another click confirms their spot in line.

The online system also sends:

  • Email and text confirmation of estimated visit time
  • Text alerts if the wait time changes, due to emergency cases
  • Text alerts when it’s time to leave for the visit

This technology, called Clockwise MD, has a proven track record of improving patient satisfaction. The software is smart-phone friendly and simple to use.

“This is wonderful,” says Springboro mom, Trisha Townsend. “I used it when my son fell and broke his wrist. Instead of going there and sitting in the waiting room, I went online and registered – very quick and easy. Then when I got there and checked in, we only had a 15 minute wait. It’s a great idea!”

For more information, contact:
Stacy Porter
Public relations manager
Phone: 937-641-3666