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9/1/20blog post

ENFit Letter

To our health care, pharmacy and DME provider colleagues:

We are sending you this letter because you may be a health care provider involved in the care of a patient from Dayton Children’s Hospital that helps our patients meet their feeding tube needs, whether it be filling prescriptions, supplying equipment, or providing home care services.

To increase safe care for our patients, Dayton Children’s will be using the new ENFit connector for feeding tubes. The ENFit connector helps make sure that syringes and feeding bags can ONLY be connected to a feeding tube. We will make this important safety change on September 8, 2020.

The change to ENFit was recommended by the Global Enteral Device Suppler Association (GEDSA).  The ENFit enteral system connector changes have a new design which impacts the entire enteral feeding system. The system involves a Male ENFit moat at the end of a feeding tube or feeding tube extension that connects to the female ENFit feeding bag or syringe.

All companies may not change to the ENFit connector at the same time, but as important partners in the care of our patients, we wanted to update you about this change. To help our patients with this transition we will be providing them with an ENFit discharge kit that has ENFit syringes and adaptors. We ask that you do the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with ENFit.
  • Transition adaptors may be necessary in the short term until the appropriate ENFit supplies can be obtained.
  • Obtain ENFit products that may be needed to support this safety initiative.

A valuable resource about this important safety change is If you have any questions about ENFit products used at Dayton Children’s Hospital, please contact our team at


Jayne Lachey Gmeiner, MS, RN, NEA-BC                            David Farrall
Chief Nursing Officer                                                              Corporate Director of Supply Chain
Dayton Children’s Hospital                                                     Dayton Children’s Hospital