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10/2/23 blog post

Dayton Children’s reveals community’s top five children's health concerns

this research report will guide the hospital's decision-making on future programs and initiatives for children's health

On National Child Health Day, Dayton Children’s Center for Health Equity is sharing the results of its Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This report includes data collected in spring 2023 and defines the five areas of top concern from the community when it comes to the health of children. More than 2,000 people in the Dayton region took part in the survey. Their concerns include: 

  1. Health of moms and babies 
    • Accessible postpartum care, support for mothers and emotional support for parents were the top noted needs. 
  2. Children’s access to health care 
    • Participants noted the need for care that was accessible at more flexible times of the day. 
  3. Children’s emotional wellbeing 
    • Many mentioned the difficulty in finding therapists for their children. 
  4. Community conditions 
    • There is a great need for more available housing, parks, safe places to walk and play, grocery stores, and transportation. 
  5. Chronic disease 
    • Conditions, such as asthma, could better be controlled by improving food and medical access for families. 

For the complete 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment, click here.  

This assessment, completed every three years, informs the hospital’s decision-making, allowing it to develop initiatives and strategies tailored to the specific needs of the communities it serves.  

"The Community Health Needs Assessment gives us a robust foundation for targeted interventions that will make a tangible difference in the lives of children across our region,” said Jessica Salem, executive director of Dayton Children’s Center for Health Equity. “By focusing on the highest ranked concerns and collaborating with the community, we are poised to drive positive change and achieve optimal health for every child." 

CHNA infographic

the path forward: taking action on the community’s needs  

Dayton Children’s Center for Health Equity is translating the findings of the Community Health Needs Assessment into actionable initiatives that prioritize the health and wellbeing of children. By collaborating with community stakeholders, policymakers and health care partners, Dayton Children’s aims to decrease health disparities and ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive. This includes continuing and strengthening programs and initiatives such as:  

  1. Maternal and infant health programs: Strategies in this priority area will focus on increased education and better collaboration within the health care system to support infants and mothers from safe sleep education to lactation support.  

  2. Access to care was an important concern for families related to a range of types of care. Dayton Children's will focus on strategies addressing this through programs like our Community Health Workers, who connect families to services and help them to navigate the healthcare system.  
  3. Mental health support for children: The strategies in this priority area focus on the continuum of behavioral health services with a focus on prevention and community-based programs like the On Our Sleeves program at Dayton Children’s.  

For more information about Dayton Children’s Center for Health Equity and its ongoing efforts to improve pediatric health, please visit or contact Jessica Salem at

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