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3/20/24 news article

Dayton Children’s opens Simulation Center, including first ambulance simulator in Ohio hospital

Dayton Children's simulation center

Today, Dayton Children’s will open a simulation center inside the hospital’s main campus, which will include the only ambulance simulator of its kind in an Ohio hospital, and the only one in a pediatric hospital in the U.S. This is one of just 140 ambulance simulators in the nation. 

A medical simulation center is an essential training ground for health care professionals and the region’s only level 1 pediatric trauma center at Dayton Children’s is no exception. Dayton Children’s Simulation Center is designed to help medical staff become more confident in treating pediatric patients, including local EMTs and students in training or school.

“This state-of-the-art facility represents a significant milestone for our institution and an investment in the next generation of pediatric health care experts,” shares Adam Mezoff, MD, vice president and chief medical officer. “By providing an advanced and immersive training environment, we are fostering caregiver innovation and excellence that will impact the lives of our region’s children for years to come.”

7 reasons why the Simulation Center matters to staff, patients and families:

  1. Safe training environment: It provides a risk-free setting for practicing medical procedures without endangering patients as training is performed on mannequins.
  2. Skill refinement: Repeated practice hones clinical skills and boosts confidence in health care providers.
  3. Teamwork skills: It fosters collaboration among medical teams, improving communication and coordination during patient care.
  4. Error prevention: By simulating real-life scenarios, the simulator helps identify and prevent potential medical errors, enhancing patient safety.
  5. Consistent education: Ensures that all learners receive standardized training, maintaining quality and competency across the board.
  6. Innovation hub: Acts as a platform for testing and refining new medical techniques and procedures.
  7. Cost-efficiency: While it requires an initial investment, it ultimately saves money by reducing training costs and preventing costly medical errors in the long run.

Dayton Children’s ambulance simulator is one of just 140 in the nation. The ambulance is on a traction device that mimics being on a highway while providing care for critically ill or injured patients (mannequins) to simulate a real-life situation for training purposes.

In addition to the ambulance simulator, there are a variety of features included with the simulation center for training staff and community members. These spaces are also designed for hands-on training, which includes a trauma/intensive care unit room, inpatient room, clinic/family training room, control room, and two debriefing rooms.

additional spaces:

  • Trauma/Intensive Care Unit room: This space is specifically set up for practicing trauma scenarios and handling various situations encountered in Dayton Children’s emergency department and Intensive Care Units. Simulations are recorded for later review, helping clinicians to learn and enhance patient care.
  • Inpatient room:  This room is a duplicate of the hospital’s regular inpatient rooms from the patient tower for training purposes.
  • Control room: This is the central hub where all the action unfolds. From initiating recordings to controlling the breathing of the practice mannequin, the control room orchestrates the simulation scenarios.
  • Debrief room: In this room, groups and individuals will break down the scenarios and talk about what went right and what could have gone better. 

For community providers, local schools or others who may be interested in scheduling time at the Dayton Children’s Simulation Center, please contact the Center at 937-641-3086.

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