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7/17/17 news article

communication is king in the new patient tower

connecting child to nurse instantly, no matter where they are

Dayton Children's new patient tower is packed with tools and tech that will help doctors and nurses transform care and provide a better experience for children and their families.  Communication is king so a combination of high-tech devices connects the child to the staff instantly, no matter where they are.  The new Hill Rom Nurse Call system is the highest level of hospital communications technology available. 

It starts with a computer tablet outside the room called an alert screen.  This shares patient-specific safety precautions, such as isolation status or fall risk, as well as alerts such as patient napping, mother breastfeeding and messages that matter, like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Above each patient room door is a coded light system.  Different colored lights alert to different situations inside the room – for example, if a caregiver is in the room or a procedure is in progress.  The system tracks the staff locator badge that every nurse, PCA, respiratory therapist and even some physicians wear.  If a nurse needs assistance, she is able to look on the patient station screen on the wall inside the room and find out where the nearest PCA is. This screen also makes it easy to call a code blue or staff emergency.

To connect with another caregiver, all the nurse has to do is push a button on her Vocera.  It is a hands-free, wi-fi-based communications device that sends and receives calls like a regular phone, broadcasts like a radio and can even receive text and alarm messages. 

The patient’s pillow speaker also connects directly to his or her nurse’s Vocera.  The child can push a button for “pain” or “potty” and the nurse is alerted immediately.  The nurse then responds immediately to reassure the patient that she is on the way.

While this combination of systems is high-tech, the goal is to make the patient experience high- touch.  With instant communication and immediate feedback, we are better able to connect with families, take care of their needs and provide a better patient experience.

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