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4/22/19news article

The Child Health Pavilion

seeing patients starting April 30

Dayton Children’s responsibility, as a leader in children’s health, is to ensure our community’s most vulnerable children have access to the comprehensive medical care and services they need to achieve their optimal health. That is the guiding principle that built the new Child Health Pavilion at Dayton Children’s Hospital, located at 1010 Valley Street.

The Child Health Pavilion houses most of the programs and supporting services of the Center for Community Health and Advocacy. This center broadens and accelerates community health efforts already underway to serve children who have experienced abuse, trauma, poverty, complex medical issues and abandonment, while aligning those services, joining forces with community partners and supporting new endeavors to improve the health status of children.  By linking traditional health care with community services, children will receive a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care, which will in turn improve their overall well-being.

Download the flier here.