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4/4/18news article

child care center receives 5-star rating

A huge congratulations to our outstanding child care center at Dayton Children's! The center just received a 5 star rating in the Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) rating system.  This is no easy task, and it marks a huge milestone for our child care center.
The Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) rating system is a building-block approach that allows child care centers a well-defined, progressive pathway to improving the quality of early learning and development programs.

Details on the state's rating system:

  • The Step Up To Quality rating system provides a single definition of quality, inclusive of all program types, that is measurable, easy to understand and provides the flexibility necessary for early learning and development programs to achieve the highest levels of quality.
  • The rating system addresses all aspect of a center’s operation; the standards are divided into four domains including: learning and development, staff qualifications and professional development, administrative and leadership practices, and family and community partnerships.

The Dayton Children's child care center opened on March 1, 1991. The center is constantly taking steps to improve care and always seems to be going above and beyond for kids. 

Searching for quality child care can be stressful. Nancy Hudecek, manager at the child care center, shares a few tips about what to look for when looking for child care.

"Parents should ask about staff turnover; turnover is an indication that their child may not have the same teacher for an extended period of time. Also, ask if they have a small group of teachers that serve as substitutes or if they call people from the community. And, it's important to ask the teachers why they like working at that center or with that age group."

Nancy also shares it's important to visit the center unannounced and "trust your gut."

"One of the best qualities of our center is that it is owned and operated under the ownership of Dayton Children’s," Nancy explains. "It's great to be a part of an organization that cares for all children and is an advocate for families. This connection gives parents another level of security because of the reputation of the hospital in the community." 

Congratulations to the child care staff!