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12/17/13blog post

check out our healthy cafeteria!

Our cafeteria has been renovated and healthier food options are being showcased! New food, healthier options, old favorites, bright lighting, great prices – so much to tell you! But, first, let me take you back 16-18 months…when the vision started.

The Healthy Way project started with an assessment of our hospital – how do we compare to other institutions in supporting healthy living? Wow – hospitals care not only about their patients, but the welfare of the employee, too! Well, Dayton Children’s did not measure up too well. What? – A children’s hospital, one that is to promote health for our children, got a bad grade! We learned that we could do better in helping employees, and even visitors, choose healthier lifestyles. As part of our CEO’s vision and our leadership’s strategic plan, Destination 2020, we formed committees to address our bad lifestyle grade. Change had to be in our midst – for the children and for the employees. I have been honored to join a wonderful group working on changes in our cafeteria menu and education.

Did you know??

  • The cafeteria now features an updated salad bar, deli meat station with the “all-time favorite” hot entrée selections? Small Fries (the former sandwich and pizza area) turned into a Bistro, featuring fresher (less processed), ingredients and healthier selections.
  • The ground beef used in all recipes is leaner – 90% lean/10% fat
  • We decreased the volume of sugar sweetened beverages and decreased the price of water? The healthier drinks are at eye level so it’s easier to remember to choose a healthy option. Rethink your drink!
  • Our dessert serving sizes decreased
  • There are more dark leafy greens on the new salad bar. Check out the fresh veggies and lean meats along with the low calorie salad dressings.
  • There is now a low fat deli sandwich station. You can add many veggies to your sandwiches now.
  • Dayton Children’s adopted the Traffic Light way to eating. Look for color coded bowls, utensils and an electronic menu board to help you with your meal selections.
  • We reformulated recipes. Now they provide less sodium and fat to foods.
  • You will find more homemade soups with fresh ingredients and all low in fat and high in nutrients.
  • You can purchase salmon (or couscous or a gourmet vegetable side) ala carte in the Bistro.
  • You can find healthier snack options in the Kids Care Shop such as hummus and pretzels!
  • There are several sugar free syrup options at the coffee cart.
  • Seek and find challenge: when you visit, what other changes have you found??

Dayton Children’s continues to make strides in supporting healthy living not only to its patients, but to its employees. Change is in the air and for a good cause. Dayton Children’s is committed to being the region’s leader in pediatric care!