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1/15/20 blog post

2020 health and fitness trends

We have all heard it, “new year, new you.” There are dozens of articles about the 2020 fitness and health trends. Companies like Forbes have a list and US News and World Report gives a top ten. But which of these should we be paying attention to and which will be a passing fad? Here is our list of top 2020 trends to help ring in the new year healthy.

  1. Healthy fast food. That’s right, you heard me. We know that athletes are always on the go and need quick, healthy choices. With new plant-based meat options like Burger King’s Impossible burger, athletes can eat healthy on the go. We say go ahead and get fast food!
  2. Speaking of food, let’s snack more. Since we’re all on-the-go and demand convenience, companies are responding with single-serve portable packages, such as a new yogurt and nut butter pouch from the Cultured Snacking Co. and Starbucks protein packs. These pre-packaged on-the-go options allow busy parents and athletes to have a healthy alternative to vending machines and concession stands that have been the standard go to for years.
  3. Wearable technology is still trending. These technologies are getting smarter and smarter. They can help us track our running trail and give us metrics galore! How many calories we burned, heart rate, and even sleep quality are all key metrics that an athlete should be tracking.
  4. Mediation and mindfulness. This trend has been around for thousands of years and it is here to stay so let’s embrace it.  Studies have shown meditation can improve emotional state, focus and overall wellbeing. For any athlete, having a clear mind helps with focusing on performance. There are endless amounts of apps like Calm and YouTube videos. Start with just one minute a day and work up from there. “Om…..”
  5. Mental health. Related to that last trend, mental health is so important. Research shows that our physical health is related to our mental health. Resilience is a trending term in mental health. It refers to the ability to bounce back after something difficult. For an athlete, that could be a loss, performance errors, an injury, self-esteem/self-worth, or even connections to peers. Back to trend number four, mediation and mindfulness can help with sports resilience.

Whether or not you are a resolution maker or trend follower, we suggest following these five tips to help stay at the top of athletic performance.



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