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adult congenital heart defect clinic

lifelong care for patients with a congenital heart defect

Our pediatric cardiology team partners with other health care providers from Nationwide Children's hospital to care for adults who have a congenital heart defect. Patients benefit from their expertise while still interacting with familiar Dayton Children’s providers, all in the comfortable setting of the cardiology clinic at Dayton Children’s.

Some of the goals of this clinic are to:

  • Provide regular heart check-ups and diagnostic tests
  • Educate patients about their heart defect and warning signs that could indicate a problem
  • Identify any concerns as early as possible and provide treatment
  • Provide the information patients need as they think about family planning and pregnancy
  • Educate patients about the choices that can impact their heart health, such as exercising regularly and not smoking
  • Identify any other health concerns, such as depression or anxiety
  • And much more

helping teens transition

Teenagers face many transitions as they approach adulthood, but for those with a congenital heart condition the challenges are unique. At Dayton Children’s, the cardiology team is committed to helping these teens take responsibility for their heart health and transition to adult care. We offer an education program that helps them:

  • Understand their heart condition
  • Learn how lifestyle choices can affect their heart health
  • Understand the importance of receiving ongoing, specialized care for their heart condition
  • Take responsibility for their appointments and medications

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For more information about cardiology care at Dayton Children’s, please call 937-641-3418.

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