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how palliative care can help

Palliative care can help your child by:

  • Easing the symptoms, pain, discomfort and stress of serious illness for your child and family
  • Providing emotional and social support that respects your family’s cultural values and is appropriate for your child’s age. Also identifying and referring you to support resources that meet your family’s needs.
  • Providing spiritual support. Patients and families who go through serious illnesses often have their spirituality enhanced, challenged or changed. Spiritual care helps to navigate through questions about purpose, meaning and connection.
  • Helping your child’s health care providers work together and communicate openly with each other and with your family to support your goals and discuss options for care. 
  • Providing parent education including care planning, coping with the illness, and illness and medication information
  • Providing support for siblings
  • Assessing and addressing caregiving resources and needs
  • Providing individual and family counseling specific to coping and planning with your child’s illness


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