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patient story

Ava Gunn

a very special birthday

Amanda Gunn never thought she would celebrate Ava's second birthday - Ava has cancer. She was diagnosed with a stage 4 neuroblastoma back in April and has been at Dayton Children's pretty much ever since. The PICU staff went above and beyond to help Ava and her mom celebrate, complete with balloon bouquets and a "Happy Birthday" serenade by her physicians and staff. 

Ava has completed five rounds of chemotherapy. She recently had a tumor in her stomach, right kidney and adrenal gland removed due to her cancer. She also had surgery to insert a trach to help her breathe. Ava had a stem cell transplant done in June and will have a bone marrow transplant this fall after she completes her chemotherapy. For now, she's surrounded by our amazing physicians who are working to ensure she wins her battle against cancer.

watch Ava's birthday celebration at Dayton Children's