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Your child's health and safety is our top priority. Please search our resource library for information on health, nutrition, fitness, injury prevention and other important topics.

Sports Medicine Center Content List

Body Basics: Sports Medicine

What you need to know about the body's organs and major systems.

Sports Basics

What you need to know about sports physicals and getting kids ready to play.

Sports Injuries

Info on common sports injuries and how they're treated.

Sports Medicine Q&A

Answers to your questions about fitness, sports injuries, and more.

Sports Psychology

Help kids reduce stress and stay focused on the field.

Sports Safety

Help active kids prevent injuries no matter what sport they play or where.

Training & Performance

How to train safely and get fit.

Words to Know (Sports Glossary)

What's an ACL? Or tendonitis? This section has definitions and explanations of some key sports medicine terms.