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Your child's health and safety is our top priority. Please search our resource library for information on health, nutrition, fitness, injury prevention and other important topics.

Food Allergies

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease isn't a food allergy, but kids who have it need to be gluten-free.

Common Food Allergies

Milk, eggs, soy, wheat, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish, peanuts are among the most common foods that cause allergies.

Food Allergy Q&A

Get answers to common questions about food allergies.

Food Allergy Resources for Educators

Info for educators who teach kids with food allergies.

Food Allergy Testing

Find out how doctors test for food allergies.

Handling Emergencies

Keep kids safe by being prepared and educating others.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance and milk allergy are different. Find out more.

Living With Food Allergies

Find out more about reading labels and staying safe at school.