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innovative child-centered care

At Dayton Children's, we know that to be the best hospital for our children, we must also be the best for families. Supporting parents during the difficult journey of a child's illness. Addressing emotional and social needs. These aren't mere niceties. They are essentials that make us a healing hospital.

With your help, Dayton Children’s exceptional caregivers can provide the patient and family centered care and unparalleled care experience everyone of our families deserves: family-friendly facilities, the most innovative treatments, and comprehensive support programs like art, music, and pet therapy, which are not covered by insurance.

Nathan is just one example of how innovative child-centered care makes a difference for our kids:

The no-glove club

At 8, Nathan is not a big fan of going to the hospital. Unfortunately, he often needs medical care that can only be obtained at Dayton Children's. His mom struggled to get him to appointments until they met Lindsey, Dayton Children's music therapist and kid whisperer. Lindsey, with her magic bag full of musical instruments and endless playlist of kid-friendly songs, not only eases Nathan's eniety in the hospital, but actually gets him excited to go to his appointments. 

“The moment Lindsey came into the room with her guitar, Nate was in love," says his mom. "Now she brings other instruments for him to experience as well. Nate dances, laughs, and helps Lindsey play her guitar. It takes him away from the realization of being in the hospital.”

Watch them interact and learn more about how music therapy has become an essential resource for this family at Dayton Children's:

you can make a difference

Your gift to Dayton Children’s will help provide the necessary equipment and special features that are needed to make child-centered care a priority, and will provide healing and hope for our patients and their families. 

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To learn more about supporting the 384,000 kids who depend on Dayton Children's every year, please contact our Foundation office at 937-641-3405 or by email.

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Your support will help provide important programs that lead to healthier lives and brighter futures for kids in our region.

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