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12/9/11blog post

meet Dr. Mom

Hello! I love my job. Both of them actually! My name is Melissa King, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). I am a pediatrician (kid doctor) at Children’s Health Clinic at The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton in Dayton, OH. I work part-time in the clinic seeing my own patients, at times teaching family practice residents, and also supervising some of the pediatric residents in their clinics. I love my work most of the time. I work with fantastic partners, whom I trust, a great staff who really advocates for our patients, and for a great hospital that strives to provide the best care for the children of Dayton.

But I also REALLY love my other job. My husband Jeff, a police detective, firefighter and EMT, and I are the parents of a very energetic 2 ½ year old girl Audrey Grace, and her amazingly sweet 6 month old brother Ethan Jeffrey aka “Little Bruder.” Being a mother is one of the best and most challenging tasks I have ever undertaken. I see myself and my faults more clearly. I see the consequences of my actions daily reflected back to me in my children. I also see how overwhelming all of the information is out there geared toward “raising your children the right way!”

Some have asked me if I find it easier being a mother who also happens to be a pediatrician. In some respects yes. I can evaluate their growth pretty easily. I can assess their achievements of developmental milestones routinely. I can monitor their colds’ and runny noses without going to the doctor. However, at other times I really have to tell myself to stop thinking the worst, because I have in my mind an arsenal of the very worst “what if’s.” And since I do not really know what it is like to be a mom and not a pediatrician I can only say that we all have our strengths and weaknesses that we bring into parenting and that is why we partner with others to raise our children. I believe in the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” (Origin of quote thought to be African Tribe.)

With this blog I aim to become a member of your “village.” My goal here is not to directly provide you with medical care, but to provide you with information and resources, thoughts and feelings as I, a pediatrician and a mother, navigate parenting and raising children. One common goal that we all share is to raise our children into happy, healthy, independent, productive adults. One thing I have learned so far is that often there is no one “right way” to achieve this.

I look forward to joining you on this journey of parenting. I hope you will join me in the conversation and share your thoughts and comments.

Here is my first question… what are some topics you would like to read about? I am always looking for new ideas and would love to hear what our readers would like to see more of!


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