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9/10/20news article

Gala of Hope provides grant for pediatric brain cancer research, treatment

The Gala of Hope Foundation announced a milestone grant to Dayton Children’s Hospital to continue their pursuit of new and improved treatment for pediatric brain cancer. This grant, totaling $214,000, advances previously underwritten research into its next phase, bringing the Foundation’s overall investment into this cutting-edge research to over $400,000. The funding will help establish a lab that will reproduce tumors to better measure reaction to treatment and environmental factors, which should help define better treatment protocols.

“Brain cancers account for about 15% of pediatric cancers and are the second most common type of cancer in children,” said Jeff Brock, Executive Director of the Foundation. “Dayton Children’s has become a leader in brain cancer treatment and research as one of 16 research partners in an international consortium. Dayton Children’s work is literally recognized around the world. We are so encouraged by the work of their world-class physicians and researchers. One day, Dayton—the city of innovation—will help provide the ultimate answer for this disease.”

Barbara Mills, president of the Gala of Hope Board of Directors, added, “When Gala joined with Dayton Children’s in 2016 to initiate this research program, we knew great things would happen for our children, but in four years, this program has already left its mark on dozens who’ve beat this disease.”

September is recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, shedding more light on the realities of these devastating cancers and highlighting the continued need for a cure.

“We could not do any of the work we do without the generous support of the community,” said Deborah Feldman, president and CEO of Dayton Children’s. “We are so grateful to the Gala of Hope Foundation for their continued partnership and support as we continue our mission of the relentless pursuit of optimal health for every child within our reach.”


about Gala of Hope Foundation

Gala of Hope Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2014 to serve the Dayton region as a financial resource for cancer patients, cancer treatment, and local cancer research. At its core, Gala of Hope Foundation was created and is sustained by gifts from generous people committed to changing the face of cancer in the Dayton region. The Foundation serves as a grant maker and a voice for Dayton-region cancer patients and its cancer care community.