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10/1/13blog post

checking out on Chobani and other food precautions

Several weeks ago, our oldest son grabbed a Chobani Champion yogurt tube to eat. After starting, he said, “Eww, Mom, this tastes weird.” I looked at the sell by date – it was still good 2 weeks out – and then, I tasted it. Whew – he was right!! We looked at the other tubes – they were full of air and hard. That was not right! We trashed them and just assumed we got a bad bunch of yogurt – still, very weird.

Now, Chobani voluntarily recalled several yogurts. I am a Chobani fan- love that it is full of protein and not as processed as many other yogurts. We reviewed our yogurts and discarded as needed. I bet we had some of the tainted yogurt!

Should we be concerned about mold in our food? Yes and no. We practice food safety already in our house. Check out this article explaining about mold in our food, particularly yogurt. It is good to know if we do eat yogurt with mold, we may experience mild symptoms, if any. But, if the symptoms persist, yes, see a doctor! We will continue to NOT sniff moldy food and will continue to discard the entire bag of moldy bread. Mold spores could be throughout the food item! Be mindful of what your food looks like before you eat it!