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7/1/20blog post

3 added benefits of waterproof casts for kids

Summer is in full swing! Kids are playing outside and staying active. This sometimes results in a broken bone and ultimately the dreaded cast. At Dayton Children’s, we know a kid's summer lifestyle is not suited for a traditional cast. Traditional plaster casts are bulky, itchy, non-adjustable and not meant for water. With this heat, kids want to swim. That’s why we offer waterproof casting to keep kids being kids!  

Waterproof cast liners allow kids to bathe, shower, and even swim while wearing a fiberglass cast. The liner is an advanced cast padding that contains tiny pores that stop the passage of water, but allows water vapor to pass through. Water does not wet the liner, only the skin. 

benefits of waterproof casting 

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to swim and shower while wearing the cast, there are other benefits as well! 

  1. Less itch and smell. Because of the material waterproof casts are made of, they don’t cause as much itching or mold or mild dew build up from moisture which often causes an awful smell.  

  2. More durable. Often because of the material type, waterproof casts are more durable and can even allow athletes to return to sports while wearing the cast 

  3. Fun colors! We offer every color under the rainbow and even glitter.  

is it broken?

first things first – when in doubt, get it checked out.

The only sure-fire way to know if a bone is broken is to get an X-ray. You’ll feel better hearing from a professional. However if you are a “wait and see” kind of parent, then a few tidbits of info may help you decide what to do.

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If you think your child's bone is fractured or broken you can schedule an appointment with our orthopedics department to have it looked at. 

If this a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the emergency room

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The orthopedics department welcomes phone calls to 937-641-3010 during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.