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fracture clinic program

We treat fractures of the upper extremity; hand, elbow, wrist, shoulder and lower extremity; hip, femur, knee, ankle and foot.

Dayton Children’s orthopaedic center offers fracture care appointments at the main campus and the south campus locations. Scheduled appointments are available for fracture care five days a week.

All of our pediatric orthopaedic clinics offer complete casting services and on-site crutch training.

prepare for your fracture visit

Please follow the below instructions for new fracture care visits:

  • Call 927-641-3010 to make an appointment
  • Bring x-ray/imaging to the appointment
  • Keep splinting applied until seen by an orthopaedic physician

billing for fractures

Insurance companies require that physician practices bill their patients using a coding system known as “Current Procedural Terminology,” or CPT.

According to CPT guidelines, fracture care is a “packaged or global service.” As such, your initial bill will include charges for:

  • The first cast or splint application
  • 90 days of normal, uncomplicated follow-up care (the timeframe may vary depending on your insurance policy)

The following services would appear separately on your bill (not all patients receive all of these services):

  • Physician evaluation of the fracture
  • X-rays
  • All casting supplies (fiberglass, Gore-Tex, bandage wraps, slings, cast shoes, etc.)
  • Replacement cast
  • The evaluation and management of any additional problems or injuries
  • Treatment for any complications

If you have any questions about fracture billing, please contact our office.

schedule an appointment contact us

Appointments are available without a physician referral.

schedule now

The orthopaedics department welcomes phone calls to 937-641-3010 during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.