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meet Pedro and Augusto

behind the connected documentary

Pedro and Augusto were featured in the connected documentary which follows the two-year journey to their separation. 

Like most twins, Pedro and Augusto have an undeniable bond. The boys look out for one another, try to make the other laugh, and like most brothers, like to play rough.

Even when they were connected, Pedro and Augusto had very distinct individual personalities. We caught up with three of their caregivers to learn more about them!

Who we talked to:

  • Elise Huntley, certified child life specialist
  • Trisha Faris, Surgical assistant
  • Robin Lawson, RN, nurse/patient liaison

How would you describe Pedro's personality?

Elise:  Fiesty! Pedro has a strong personality and likes things done his way. If he wanted the toy from Augusto, he'd just reach over and grab it. If he didn't feel like walking, he wasn't going to. Pedro likes to do things his way, in his own time.

Robin: Pedro is very loving and ornery. He loves to listen to music and dance. He did such a great job working with his colors and shapes during play time. It was amazing the first time child life and I used a mirror for the boys to see each other.

Trisha: Pedro is a sweet boy with multiple layers. It takes him a long time to build trust. He can seem stubborn at times, but I think that it is his defense mechanism. He loves music and dancing. Whenever he is having a bad day, just turn on the music and he is easily distractible. Cruising around in his stroller and hanging out with his brother makes him smile.

How would you describe Augusto's personality?

Elise: Augusto is much more laid back and chill than Pedro. He's easier to console and distract when he's upset. If Pedro stole his toy, Augusto was more open to grabbing a different one. When the boys were connected and had to rely on the other one to move, Augusto was the more active one and sometimes had to drag Pedro along for the ride.

Robin: Augusto loves to dance and smile. He loved to cuddle. Augusto would like to go through and touch all of the toys available. He is adventurous and excited to learn new things.

Trisha: Augusto is an outgoing little boy. He smiles and everyone's heart melts. He loves learning new things, reading, listening to music, and watching people dance. He is easy to distract and he is a "go with the flow" kind of kid. One of his best qualities is how much he cares about others, especially his brother. He will do whatever it takes to make Pedro laugh, and when he succeeds, you can see the pure joy on his face.

What did it mean to you to be part of the team caring for Pedro and Augusto?

Elise: It's been really powerful to be part of their journey from the beginning. Augusto and Pedro have taught me so much. With them, I had to figure out new ways to assess their developmental level and coping through language barriers and logistical barriers (like moving two children around while they were still connected to each other). I've learned much more about their culture and how to get creative to find ways to give them back a sense of control over their environment to support positive coping with the many medical procedures they encountered while they were here. Thank you to Augusto and Pedro for helping me grow as a clinician!

Robin: Words can never express the love we as a team have for the boys. It was one of the most humbling experiences in my lifetime. This is a true once in a lifetime experience to get the privilege to get to know the boys and love them through this life changing surgical process.

Trisha: I am so thankful to have been a part of the team that cared for Pedro and Augusto. That was an amazing thing to be a part of, and honestly, I am not sure that I will ever get another chance in my life to witness. I hope they continue to flourish and surpass all expectations.


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