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Can Kids Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Along With the Flu Vaccine?

It's safe for kids to get a COVID-19 vaccine along with any other routine vaccine, including the flu vaccine.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Booster Shots

The immune protection from the COVID-19 vaccine can fade over time. A booster shot is now recommended for everyone age 12 and older. Here's why.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Questions & Answers About Vaccines

As COVID-19 vaccines become available, here are some questions many parents have.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and protect families from serious illness. Watch this video to learn about how the vaccines work.

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Ages 6 Months to 5 Years

Children 6 months old to 5 years old now can get vaccinated against COVID-19. Here's what parents should know.

Do My Kids Need Vaccines Before Traveling?

Find out what the experts have to say.

How Can I Comfort My Baby During Shots?

Find out what the experts have to say.

How Vaccines Help (Video)

Vaccines help keep kids healthy, but many parents still have questions about them. Get answers here.

Immunizations and Cochlear Implants

Children with cochlear implants have a higher risk than other kids of getting some types of bacterial meningitis. Vaccines can help protect them.

The COVID-19 Vaccine

Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Find answers here!