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May also be called: LFS

Li-Fraumeni (LEE frow-MEE-nee) syndrome, or LFS, is a rare genetic disorder that makes a child likely to develop cancer at some point in his or her life.

More to Know

Li-Fraumeni syndrome means a person has a defect in a gene called TP53. TP53 helps control the growth of cells. If the gene isn't working correctly, cells can grow out of control and tumors may form. This can lead to several types of cancer, including breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, soft-tissue tumors, and bone tumors (osteosarcomas). Cancers caused by Li-Fraumeni syndrome often first develop in children or young adults, but they can happen to people of any age.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is usually inherited from a parent who also has the genetic defect, but in rare cases the defect can be caused by a random mutation.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is diagnosed through genetic testing. Symptoms and treatment both depend on which type of cancer develops.

Keep in Mind

There is currently no cure for Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Early diagnosis can help doctors be ready to treat any tumors or cancers that develop. The earlier treatment is started, the more effective it is, increasing the chances of a good long-term outcome.

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