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what is treacher collins syndrome?

Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS) is a genetic facial condition that mostly affects the eyes, cheekbones, ears, jaw and chin, and especially the airway. Since the syndrome causes deficient bone in the skull and face, characteristics and symptoms include:

  • Airway complications
  • Downward-slanting eyes
  • Missing or malformed outer ears
  • Small jaw and chin
  • Hearing loss
  • Eyesight issues
  • Eating difficulties

how rare is treacher collins syndrome?

One in every 20,000 births results in Treacher Collins syndrome. 

what is the life expectancy of someone with treacher collins syndrome?

Individuals born with TCS typically have normal to above average intelligence. Even though surgeries are often in their future, they can have a normal life span, just like anyone else.

are kids born with treacher collins syndrome?

Treacher Collins syndrome is caused by genetic mutation changes in three different genes on two different chromosomes. Sixty percent of the time, a mutation occurs and causes the syndrome. The other forty percent of the time, it is passed down from one of the parents. 

how do I know if my child will be born with tcs?

If you are known to be at risk for this syndrome, testing is done while pregnant. While this test may tell you if your baby will have TCS or not, it cannot tell you the specific features or severity in a baby. After birth, an exam may be all that is needed to determine if a child has TCS. Further exams and DNA testing will help clarify severity and other family members who may be affected.

how do you treat tcs?

Treatment is focused on functionality and correcting facial structures. This can involve craniofacial surgery for enlarging the airway and procedures such as cleft palate repair. A child with TCS may see different kinds of doctors during their lifetime including plastic surgery, ENT, orthodontics and dental care. Choosing the right health care system to support your family is a hard choice. Learn more about what Dayton Children's can offer your family.


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