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8/31/17 news article

easing the process of genetic testing

Dayton Children's counselors take over burden of obtaining prior authorization for families

The genetics department at Dayton Children’s Hospital now can assist with prior authorization for all genetic testing as a service to families and referring providers.

By implementing this service, Dayton Children’s:   

  1. Removes the burden of obtaining prior authorization from families or referring physicians
  2. Protects families from unexpected out-of-pocket costs
  3. Provides patients with most appropriate genetic testing for their individual clinical situation

All insurers require prior authorization for genetic testing and most require genetic counseling to accompany testing. By having the genetic counselors obtain prior authorization, these experts can select the best test from the options covered under the family’s insurance plan.

To take advantage of this service:

For inpatients

  • Request an inpatient genetics consult within EPIC.
  • If possible, we will try and arrange to do this testing as an outpatient, as this minimizes cost.
  • If the test is critical to patient management, we will immediately send the testing out as an inpatient.

For outpatients

  • Contact the genetic counselor on-call (pager 937-334-2608 or 937-641-3800) for same-day brief genetic counseling while your patient is in clinic
  • Request an OUTPATIENT genetic counseling or genetics clinic referral within EPIC 

For patients in the community

  • Request an OUTPATIENT genetic counseling
  • Send a referral to genetics for the genetics clinic