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Your child's health and safety is our top priority. Please search our resource library for information on health, nutrition, fitness, injury prevention and other important topics.

Printable Safety Guides

First Aid: Splinters

Taking a splinter out as soon as you spot it helps prevent infection and makes removal easier.

First Aid: Stiff Neck

A stiff neck is usually nothing to worry about. In rare cases, it can be a sign of something serious. Here's what to do about a stiff neck.

First Aid: Stomachaches

Stomachaches are common in childhood, and often caused by gas, constipation or viruses. Find out when a stomachache requires a trip to the doctor.

First Aid: Strains and Sprains

Here's what to do if you think your child has pulled or torn a muscle, ligament, or tendon.

First Aid: Sunburn

You can treat mild sunburn at home. But severe sunburn needs medical attention. Here's what to do.

First Aid: Teeth Injuries

If your child loses a baby tooth, there's no need to replace it. But if a permanent tooth is dislodged, it's a dental emergency. Here's what to do.

First Aid: The Flu

Telltale signs of the flu include a sore throat, body aches and fever. Here's what to do if your child has the flu.

First Aid: Tick Bites

Some ticks carry harmful germs that can cause disease. Find out what to do if your child is bitten by a tick.

First Aid: Vomiting

Vomiting can be caused by many things, most commonly gastroenteritis (the "stomach flu"). Here's what to do when your child throws up.

First Aid: Warts

Warts are common skin infections. They generally don't cause any serious problems, so usually don't need to be removed.