TWIGs and the Women’s Board complete the cancer care endowment

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Kids with cancer are different. Due to the length of their stay they interact with numerous staff who don’t just treat their medical needs, but their emotional needs and the needs of their entire family.

Thanks to the passion and energy of two fundraising auxiliaries, the Terrific Women in Giving (TWIGs) and the Women’s Board, we successful raised $2 million to fully fund the pediatric cancer and blood disorders endowment at Dayton Children’s, helping make life a little easier for kids with cancer.
How will this help heal kids with cancer?

These kids – who often live in the hospital for months at a time – have unique needs. Emmett Broxson, MD, the director of hematology/oncology at Dayton Children’s recognized this and championed the vision behind the pediatric cancer and blood disorders endowment to pay for a dedicated social worker and child life specialist who are equipped to help with the unique needs of children with cancer.

A family’s life is turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis and parents may have to quit their job while their child is going through treatment. Social workers connect them with the financial resources they need so they can focus on taking care of their child.

The role of child life is to distract a child during chemotherapy -  which takes up to four hours -  and other procedures, providing activities to help patients feel like a “kid,” instead of a “sick kid.”

The TWIGs and Women’s Board auxiliaries were inspired by the courage of children fighting cancer and were dedicated to fund this endowment through fundraising efforts and events.

$2 million from start to finish

To fully fund the pediatric cancer and blood disorders endowment, the TWIGs and Women’s Board held more than 100 fundraising events including golf outings, CHA-CHA events, Mom’s Mart clothing sales, the Sugarplum Festival of Trees and other events.


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