Readmissions and Transfers

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At Dayton Children’s, we always attempt to treat your child in the most appropriate patient setting. Sometimes, this may be in an observation unit if only a few hours of monitoring are needed. At other times, this may be in the general pediatric inpatient setting or even critical care. 

Each day, the resident and attending physician will check your child. Once your child has improved, he or she can be discharged.  We know some children will have a “relapse” and come back to the hospital for similar or other reasons. 
We monitor the number of readmissions that occur within a 15-day period to determine if the care we provided initially was sufficient or if there were other issues that then needed to be addressed. We never expect to have a zero readmissions, but would expect the number to be low.

What does an “unplanned transfer to the pediatric intensive care unit” mean?

When your child comes to Dayton Children’s for evaluation and treatment, our doctors and health care team members carefully assess what the child's health concern is.  Based on the findings, the doctor may decide to admit your child to one of our general pediatric care units for follow-up treatment.  

The care team continues to monitor and treat your child. Occasionally the child may begin to appear sicker and need even closer, more intense monitoring and treatment. When this occurs, we determine that we need to move the child to a higher, more intensive level of care, which is usually the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Because this change in your child's condition was not expected when your child first came to the hospital, it is referred to as “unplanned.” 

Why do we monitor these unplanned transfers of patients?

At Dayton Children’s, we strive to always place our patients in a unit that provides the level of care most appropriate for the child’s condition.  We know that a child’s illness can take unpredictable turns at times, requiring a higher level of care. We review these cases as a way to “self-monitor," so we can determine if there was something that could have been done differently as we diagnosed and treated the child.

This is one way we continue to learn so that we consistently improve the quality of care provided.


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