Meet this year's ambassadors

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Meet this year's ambassadors

Mariah Cornett

You will never meet a teenage girl sweeter than Mariah Cornett. Mariah from St. Paris lights up a room and makes an impact on every person she meets. The hematology/oncology staff at Dayton Children’s can attest to this because in March 2013 Mariah was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Mariah immediately began treatment and spent most of her spring and summer at Dayton Children’s. During this time she made lasting friendships with her nurses and even though she is no longer undergoing treatments, she still enjoys going back and visiting the nurses she calls her best friends! No one wants be diagnosed with cancer and no teenage girl wants to lose her hair, but Mariah has come out of this experience with an extremely positive attitude seeing cancer as not a burden but rather an opportunity to look at her life in a new light!

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Meet this year's ambassadors

Dorian and Derek Lowen

Dorian and Derek Lowen from Springboro are your typical brothers. They pick on each other but at the end of the day love spending time together. What makes Dorian and Derek a-typical is the fact that they are living life together both with a genetic blood disorder. The Lowen brothers have hemophilia severe factor 9. They were both diagnosed as infants and have grown up learning how to manage this lifelong condition together. Thanks to the care received in the hemophilia clinic at Dayton Children’s, Dorian and Derek have become their own biggest advocates for their health and are constantly an inspiration for other families learning how to manage hemophilia.

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Meet this year's ambassadors

Parker McCalip

Parker McCalip from Oakwood is a witty seventh grader. Having a conversation with her will not only leave you on your toes but will leave you walking away with a smile on your face. In the spring of 2009 Parker was diagnosed with generalized seizure disorder. Since then she has been seen in the neurology department at Dayton Children’s to learn how to manage and control her seizures. While she will most likely live with this condition for the rest of her life, Parker has learned to accept her condition as her reality and continues life with a positive attitude and fun loving spirit!

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Meet this year's ambassadors

Nicholas Thomas

Nicholas Thomas from Dayton has an infectious smile and laugh. No matter what you do, you can’t slow him down. This sports-loving seventh grader plays everything from baseball to basketball to wrestling and soccer. Watching him, you would never know that Nick lives every day with cystic fibrosis. Diagnosed at 5 months old, Nick has spent his life in and out of Dayton Children’s seeing pulmonary specialist Gary Mueller, MD. Even though Nick is extremely active, he still has to spend every day giving himself treatments to help him breathe. However, Nick keeps a positive attitude and is thankful that Dayton Children’s is close to home to help care for him.

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