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 March 25, 2008

      PROFESSIONAL STAFF BANQUET: Regrettably, the blizzard of 2008 forced us to
      cancel the banquet scheduled for March 7, 2008.  Please block off May 15,
      2008 on your calendar.  That is the night we will honor the Taggart Award
      winner for 2008 as well as the professional staff service award recipients
      for 20 or more years of service.  We will also acknowledge the winners of
      the professional staff elections.  Finally, we will present awards to the
      winners of "A Child's Voice" awards—the advocacy award for a professional
      staff member as well as a winner at the state level.  The meeting will
      take place at NCR Country Club.  Invitations will be mailed in April. 
      Please come and celebrate with your colleagues.  Questions?  Call Tom
      Murphy, MD, at 937-641-5871.

      MEDICAL IMAGING AND ANTHEM:  Anthem Imaging Denials – Dayton Children's
      has experienced some recent problems precertifying certain imaging scans
      for Anthem patients.  We have had Anthem suggest an alternative facility
      with a reported lower cost.  We have been successful insisting that the
      procedure be done at Dayton Children's due to the quality of the scan and
      the need for a pediatric-trained radiologist to interpret the image. 
      Should you have similar issues precertifying scans for your patients you
      may be able to take a similar approach.  If you continue to have problems,
      please contact Ruthie Laux or Kim Grant, your physician marketing
      representatives, at 937-641-3498.

      CENSUS: The inpatient census continues to be high with the NICU, PICU and
      all inpatient units staying very busy.  Influenza is clearly on the wane. 
      RSV has diminished dramatically. The Synagis clinic will close down for
      the season at the end of March.  Rotavirus has yet to appear.  We
      appreciate your patience and your help during this time.

      EPIC UPDATE: The gastroenterology clinic and lipid clinic went live on
      EPIC the first week of March.  During the first several weeks that a
      clinic goes live, productivity drops dramatically.  This is inherent in
      learning a new system.  Unfortunately referrals to the clinic do not
      decrease.  Dr. Mezoff and his colleagues are working very hard to get EPIC
      up and running, while trying to maintain their usual high level of
      service.  If you notice any snags, please contact Dr. Mezoff at
      Activity on the inpatient and pharmacy side is beginning to pick up as
      well.  We have started to build the inpatient implementation products.  We
      are planning a go-live date of midyear 2009.  This will involve
      substantial training for all of our staff, including the professional
      staff.  We will keep you posted.  Questions? Call Tom Murphy at 937-

      very good week for the Pediatric Residency Training Program. We were
      notified that over 90 percent of our categorical pediatric residents
      passed the certifying examination (ie, 'the Boards') on their first
      attempt! This pass rate places our residency training program in the top
      tier of the country. Also, we received the results of this year's
      residency match and we filled our program with six outstanding civilian
      residents (who will join the eight military residents matched to our
      program in December through the military).  Feel free to contact Ann
      Burke, MD, or Arthur Pickoff, MD, with any questions.


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