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March 8, 2010

      PROFESSIONAL STAFF BANQUET (LAST CALL): The annual Professional Staff
      Banquet will be held on Friday, March 12, 2010, at the Dayton Art
      Institute. The banquet honors current members of the professional staff as
      well as emeritus members. At that time, a number of your colleagues will
      be recognized for their contributions to Dayton Children’s and the
      community. These include Victor Nanagas, Jr, MD, (Taggart Award) and
      Emmett Broxson, MD, Maria Nanagas, MD, and Joseph Ross, MD, (Distinguished
      Service Award). Service awards will also recognize service to Dayton
      Children’s and commitment to its mission for up to 45 years (Richard Fox,
      DDS, and Robert Hardman, MD). If you have not yet responded and would like
      to celebrate the evening with your friends and colleagues please contact
      Judy Cruea at crueaj@childrensdayton.org or 937-641-3666.

      EPIC IN-BASKET CLEANUP OCCURS: As with all new forms of technology, there
      are usually a number of unanticipated consequences or even some that are
      anticipated, but still require changes in how we work. One of the neat
      functions within EPIC is the in-basket. This allows physicians to manage
      chart deficiencies via the web, to receive results of inpatient labs that
      are finalized after discharge, to cosign orders, etc easily. Now for the
      bad news. As of last month, there were 34,000 in-basket messages that had
      not been “done” by the staff. In some cases the messages have not been
      read, in some cases they have been read but pended. We are systematically
      going through these messages to first clean them up. For example, we have
      found about 3,000 messages belonging to staff who have left. We have close
      to 10,000 ambulatory lab results that are in the baskets of community
      physicians. We are retracting everything that is over 30 days old. We even
      had an EPIC glitch that resulted in the need to “cosign” orders that
      really did not need a “cosignature.” We are working on those. Stay tuned
      as we address this issue further.

      MEDICAL RECORD DEFICIENCIES: You will soon be receiving notification from
      health information management (HIM) if you have chart deficiencies. Before
      EPIC, HIM routinely sent out regular updates of the status of any chart
      deficiencies that were present for each professional staff member. We will
      resume that process soon. The first thing that you will receive is a note
      from HIM telling you exactly how many chart deficiencies currently exist.
      You will then have six to eight weeks to clear those deficiencies.
      Starting in early June we will resume the process of automatic
      relinquishment of privileges for those professional staff members who
      exceed the specified time frames for chart completion. In a typical year,
      this only applies to a few professional staff members. Most complete their
      records in a timely fashion. If you have any questions, contact Dan Gross
      at 937-641-3399.

      PROFESSIONAL STAFF ELECTIONS: The deadline for nominating candidates for
      the positions of chair of medicine, chair of surgery, and chair-elect of
      the professional staff has passed. Nominees are being interviewed now to
      determine their willingness to serve. The executive committee will review
      the final slate of candidates at an upcoming meeting. Elections will
      follow soon thereafter. Please watch for ballots, consider the candidates
      carefully, and vote if you are eligible.


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