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January 27, 2009

 PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN NOTIFICATION:  Many of you recently responded to a       survey asking for information on communication between Dayton Children’s
      and your offices.  We know you would like to be notified for every
      admission to Dayton Children’s of a patient from your practice.  We intend
      to initiate such a process on Tuesday, January 27.  The Communication
      Center at Dayton Children’s will make the notifications Monday through
      Saturday, in the morning.  We will provide the child’s name, age, date of
      admission, diagnosis, admitting service (pediatrics, orthopedics,
      neurology, etc), and the name of the attending physician (Dr. Broxson,
      Mueller, Albers, etc.).  You will be notified of all admissions as well as
      all assignments to the AHU from the emergency department.
       Now we need your help. We use information from the patient’s family to
      determine the name of PCP.  That information is not always accurate.  If
      we call you about a child who does not belong to you or your partners,
      please inform the Communication Center 937-641-3075 or 1-877-855-KIDS
      (7337).  We will then correct the database.  This actually occurred with
      one of our trial calls.  We welcome your feedback and comments.  Feel free
      to call Tom Murphy, MD, at 937-641-5871.

      SLEEP CENTER UPDATE:  As you know, Michael Steffan, MD, passed away in
      December of 2008.  Dr. Steffan built our pediatric sleep center into an
      American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited center in 2000 with both
      testing and sleep clinic services.  Dr. Steffan has mentored Fred Royce,
      MD, over the last four years to support the sleep service.  Dr. Royce is
      board certified in pediatric pulmonary medicine.  He received formal sleep
      training at the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology in 2004. 
      His sleep board eligibility will allow us to keep our AASM accreditation. 
      Dr. Royce will be overseeing the sleep service until we are able to
      recruit a full-time director.
      The Pediatric Sleep Center at Dayton Children’s will accept referrals and
      provide both sleep clinic and overnight sleep testing.  Questions? Please
      call Dr. Royce at 937-641-5004 or Susan Ciarlariello at 937-641-3388.

      KIDSCARE (KCL) LINK UPDATE:  As many of you know, we began the community
      roll-out of KidsCare Link, the read-only access to lab results, x-rays,
      dictated notes, referral letters, etc, that you could obtain previously
      from Wellness Connection.  Since September of 2008, 13 offices have joined
      the network, with training of 104 office staff and 43 physicians.  Over
      1800 patient documents have been reviewed online.  Unfortunately, we have
      uncovered a system problem. The offices are sometimes unable to find a
      given patient by using First Access in KCL, but are able to find the
      patient in Wellness. This is a system issue. In the short term, EPIC has
      implemented a change that has helped but must be updated every day. In the
      longer term, we expect that an update from EPIC later this month or early
      next month will fix the problem permanently. We are sorry for the
      inconvenience, appreciate your patience and will keep you posted on the
      repair.  Comments?  Call Tom Murphy, MD, at 937-641-5871.

      UPCOMING EVENTS:  The 2009 Professional Staff Banquet will be held on
      March 20, 2009.  Please save the date.  The Taggart Award will be
      presented, and we will celebrate professional staff members with as many
      as 40 years of service to Dayton Children’s and the community.

      Physicians, staff and patient families are invited to the Wright State
      University’s ESPNU Bracket buster basketball game on Saturday, February
      21, at 7:00 pm at the Nutter Center (time subject to change).
       Tickets are $10 per person. That’s an $8 per person savings! Ticket
      includes parking.  A portion of the ticket proceeds goes to Dayton
       To purchase tickets, contact your Dayton Children’s physician liaison,
      Kim Grant or Ruthie Laux, at 937-641-3498 or go to the Nutter Center Box
      Office after February 16.
      It’s fun for the whole family—giveaways, Kid Zone games, entertainment by
      the Zooperstars and more! Support the Wright State Raiders and Dayton


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