Flash FAX : 2009-01-12 - KIDSCARE LINK USERS

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Flash FAX

        KIDSCARE LINK USERS: We recently discovered two problems with KidsCare
      Link involving access by community physicians.  In the first case, users
      were frequently exiting the browser and not logging out of the application
      first.  Before long, we had reached the maximum number of users allowed by
      our licensing agreement with Microsoft.  A patch has been applied to
      resolve this issue.  However, we want to remind you to log out of the
      application when you are through searching for information by clicking the
      “Log Out” icon in the top right corner of the screen. Using the log out
      also ensures the confidentiality of any data that you have viewed.
      The second problem relates to HBOC (our internal system) and the
      designations of primary care provider. This results in your inability to
      find some patients with the usual search method.  You are then required to
      use the First Access to find a patient.  This is a problem that Epic is
      working on and we expect a fix with the release of their next group of
      system upgrades in late January or early February.  Meanwhile, please be
      patient with us and use the First Access functionality.  Questions? Call
      Janice Cobb at 937-641- 4556.

      On December 19, 2008, the CDC issued interim recommendations for the use
      of antivirals in the treatment of influenza.  Although influenza activity
      has been low early in the season, testing done on 88 H1N1 strains
      recovered nationally reveals that 98 percent are resistant to oseltamivir.
       The CDC discusses the options and the recommends the following:
      • Review local or state influenza isolate data for influenza A, to
      determine if disease is prevalent, if the isolates are A or B, and if any
      A isolates are H1N1 or H3N2.
      • Use diagnostic testing that distinguishes between A and B (of note our
      testing does so).
      • If positive for B, treat with oseltamivir if over age 1 (see CDC
      guidelines at www.cdc.gov)
      • If positive for A, use of zanamivir is recommended (only for children 7
      years of age and over who do not have any contraindications to use of
      zanamivir).  Oseltamivir alone could be used if local surveillance
      indicates that circulating strains of virus are H3N2 or Influenza B.  For
      a child less than 7, a child with chronic lung disease, or a child who
      cannot use the inhalation device, a combination of oseltamivir and
      amantidine could be used for treatment.
      You can help us track what is in the community by ordering influenza
      cultures on children with classical influenza.  This would allow us to not
      only identify the isolate as influenza A, but further determine if it is
      an H1N1 strain or an H3N2 strain.  CDC guidelines provide specific dosages
      of drugs by age and by influenza strain.  For more information, please
      visit the CDC’s website at
      Questions?  Call Tom Murphy at 937-641-5871.
      working on a new strategy that will allow us to notify the PCP of all
      admission to Dayton Children’s, even if admitted to a specialty service.
      Review of the system will occur at the professional staff executive
      committee meeting this week, as well as at the medical directors meeting. 
      If approved, we hope to implement this new process by February 1, 2009. 
      This is a direct result of feedback that we have received asking for more
      consistent and prompt notification.  This system will provide notification
      within one day of all admissions.  The exception is that calls will not be
      made on Sundays, since offices are closed.  We will attempt Saturday
      notification for those practices with Saturday hours.  Questions? Call Tom
      Murphy at 937-641-5871.


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