Sheryl Purcell

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Sheryl Purcell, nursing administration

Comments from the bereavement team:
"Sheryl has been the office coordinator for the bereavement committee for several years. She is a very important part of why this committee functions so well in offering excellent support services to our families after their child has died. Sheryl finds her role in supporting this committee very fulfilling. She is very kind and compassionate and goes out of her way to provide the support the committee and families need. Sheryl fulfill many services for the bereavement committee and the families who have a lost a child. One of the most satisfying accomplishments was her efforts to ensure all families of deceased children receive handprints and footprints. The coroner's office makes prints for all children younger than age 18 who have died and are coroner's cases. We routinely frame and mat our prints and deliver them to our families.  Recently, we realized that families who children had died at other hospitals were not getting prints delivered by their hospitals. In fact, there was a backlog of about four to five years—approximately 200 prints. Sheryl felt these families deserved these prints. She organized each print and worked with coroner’s office to determine names and addresses. She sent a letter to each family and offered them support, often times referring them to our support services here. To date, 60 families have asked for their child’s prints. Sheryl that the families felt these prints was so important. They were thrilled that they received the letter.  Sheryl offered to provide this service to the families. Sheryl spent extra time to get this accomplished for families who have lost so much - families whose children were never patients here."


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