Turning Up the Volumn on Infant Mortality

Infant Mortality

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High infant mortality and associated racial disparities are one of Ohio’s biggest public health challenges. We have a higher rate of dying babies than most other states, all surrounding states, and most developed countries. 

Babies don’t need to die.  At Dayton Children’s, we want to see all babies live until their first birthday – and well beyond.
Therefore, we have joined with the Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality, to Turn Up the Volume about Ohio Infant Mortality.

Did you know…

  • About 3 babies die each day in Ohio (about one baby dies every 8 hours)?
  • More than 1,000 Ohio babies died in 2010? (This number includes 50 babies in Montgomery County alone.)
  • For 2010, Ohio's infant mortality rate is 7.7, essentially unimproved for over a decade.

Other states and communities have dramatically reduced infant deaths by doing things differently and working together.  We can too!
Over the next several months, Dayton Children’s will be joining with partners around the state to learn more about infant mortality and what we can do to address this important issue in our community. 
The first step will be attending the Ohio Infant Mortality Summit on November 28. Our team will come back with concrete ideas for advocating on behalf of all babies younger than one!

Join the effort! Learn more about the important issue.

About the Collaborative:
The Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality is a diverse group of public health officials, policy makers, researchers, health advocates, health care providers, and other stakeholders. Its mission is to prevent infant mortality and improve the health of women of childbearing age and infants throughout Ohio by:

  • Promoting effective health care for all women before and during their childbearing years;
  • Employing evidence-based approaches to the reduction of infant mortality, and
  • Educating Ohioans about having and raising healthy babies.


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