Linda Christmas

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Department/Unit: Facilities
Nominated by: Staff

"When I think of a SPIRIT Star, and the SPIRIT standards, the first person that comes to mind is Linda Christmas.  I remember when I transferred to a new department, I called her to ask a question, she congratulated me on my new position and told me if I had any questions to please call. Over the years, I have done just that--I called or emailed. She has always been kind, patient and helpful.  Her follow through is exceptional. How she remembers all that she does is phenomenal. It did not take me long to realize that Linda is a very compassionate and caring person. She has Children's best interest at heart. I have often wondered how she does all that she does in her job and still have time to reach out to anyone in the entire hospital with a need. She helps Dayton Children's stay focused and strong. We appreciate her help more than she could ever imagine.  It is a blessing to know Linda. She plays a vital part of the success of the entire Dayton Children's team. Linda, this is a thank you from every person in every department you have reached out to assist and support. Thank you for caring!"

"Thank you, Linda for all the special ways you help us and the families of our patients. Linda exhibits all of the SPIRIT Standards as so many of Dayton Children's employees know. She far exceeds any standard for "respect," either defined or abstract. She treats patients, families, coworkers and the organization with an exaggerated emphasis on respect. She heeds and addresses other people's needs unlike anyone else I have observed. Thank you, Linda for being there for all of us."


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