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Neurocognitive /Axon Testing

Concussion baseline testing available at Dayton Children's Hospital

What is neurocognitive testing?

Dayton Children’s uses a neurocognitive testing system called Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) to help measure the cognitive function of child and teen athletes after suspected concussions or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Neucognitive testing is best done when athletes establish baseline using the CCAT's four simple tasks.  Repeating the same tasks after injury identifies any cognitive changes from the baseline test performance.

Axon is just one of many tools our doctors use for athletes with concussions.

Why do we use Axon neurocognitive testing?

QUICK – Athletes  can take a baseline test in eight to 10 minutes, compared to 20-45 minutes other neurocognitive tests may take. Results are available immediately.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND – The test features game-like playing cards which are virtually understood at every age. It's designed with kids in mind.

CONVENIENT – No software to download. The test and resulting data are available online and protected using an encrypted password system.

Why should all athletes get baseline testing?

While some sports have a higher risk for concussions, head injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. That's why it's important that all athletes get a baseline test.

Each child is unique, therefore having a baseline for your child is much more helpful in managing a concussion, should one occur.  Comparing the pre- and post-concussion test scores can help determine when an athlete is ready to return to normal activities.

While we can test after an injury, we can only compare athletes of similar age and gender baseline test results.

Dayton Children’s offers free baseline testing on a walk-in basis to children ages 10-21. Please call any outpatient testing center or the sports medicine clinic for more information such as hours or best times to come.

What about athletes under 10?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do baseline testing for children under 10 at this time. Research is currently underway to make sure the test is valid for 7-9 year-olds and we hope to have it available soon.

My child has concussion symptoms. Can we get a baseline?

We do not offer baseline testing to any child who is currently having concussion symptoms- without a doctor evaluation. If your child is having concussion symptoms, please contact your primary care physician or our sports medicine clinic to schedule an evaluation. If symptoms are severe such as vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness, go straight to the ER.

Locations and contact information

Contact us for more information about FREE baseline testing 937-641-3939. You can also walk-in any of the Dayton Childrens Outpatient Testing Centers to take a baseline test, no appointment needed.

See list of locations available for baseline testing.

Note: Dayton Children’s only uses baseline tests taken at one of our facilities using the Axon testing tool. Other baseline tests taken at home or with another system will require a re-take test with Axon. 

Post concussion testing is only offered with appointment at our two clinic locations: the Dayton Children's main campus and the Outpaitent Care Center in Springboro. Please call to make an appointment for post concussion testing 937-641-3939. 


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Contact us for more information about FREE baseline testing.


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