Lab Test : Hemoglobin A1C

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Alternate:Glycosylated Hemoglobin; HA1C; A1C
Includes:Hemoglobin A1C
Phone:(937) 641-3428
SQ Code:HA1C
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:1 hour
Volume:0.1 mL
Container:3 mL lavender top tube or lavender microtainer (EDTA)
Temperature:Refrigerate or transport to lab immediately.
Rejection:Clotted specimens.
Uses:Assessment of the status of glucose metabolism. Helpful in assessing the long term control of the diabetic patient.
Limitations:Total hemoglobin should be between 7 and 24 g/dL to give accurate results with this method. Patients with severe anemias or polycythemia should be assayed using a different methodology if their hemoglobin is outside this range. Levels of hemoglobin F greater than 10% will give lower than expected results for hemoglobin A1C. Results for such patients will not accurately reflect the patient's glycemic control and should not be compared published normals or abnormals. Conditions such as hemolytic anemia, polycythemia, homozygous HbS and HbC can result in decreased life span of the red blood cell which will cause hemoglobin A1C results to be lower than expected regardless of the method used. Expected serum levels of the following drugs commonly prescribed to diabetic patients do not interfere with this assay: Diabinese?, Orinase?, Tolinase?, Micronase?, Dymelor?, Glipizide?.
Method:Latex immunogglutination inhibition

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