Lab Test : Urine Reducing Substances

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Alternate:Reducing Sugars; Clinitest; Reducing Substances
Phone:(937) 641-3430
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:Routine: 3 hours, STAT: 30 minutes
Volume:1.0 mL
Container:Plastic urine container with lid
Temperature:Deliver to laboratory within 1 hour or refrigerate.
Uses:Evaluation of total urine carbohydrate and other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.
Limitations:Salicylates and penicillin react positively, but are not present in most cases in sufficient quantities to interfere with the test. Ascorbic acid, nalidixic acid, cephalosporins and probenecid in large quantities may cause false positive results. Metabolites of some sulfa drugs and methapyralline compounds may interfere with the 100 ?L method at levels below 0.5% (0.5 g/dL). These compounds are not known to interfere at 0.5% or higher. Reducing sugars other than glucose will react positively, these include lactose, fructose, galactose, and pentose.
Method:Benedicts copper reduction

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