Lab Test : Urine Protein Screen

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Includes:Urine Protein Dipstick
Phone:(937) 641-3430
SQ Code:UP
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:Routine: 3 hours, STAT: 30 minutes
Volume:0.5 mL
Container:Plastic urine container with lid
Temperature:Deliver to laboratory within 1 hour or refrigerate.
Uses:Screen for protein in the urine. The detection of protein in the urine combined with the microscopic examination forms the basis of the differential laboratory diagnosis of renal disease.
Limitations:Test is more sensitive to albumin than to globulin's, hemoglobin, Bence-Jones Protein and mucoprotein: a negative result does not rule out the presence of these other proteins. Contamination of the urine specimen with quaternary ammonium compounds (e.g., from some antiseptics and detergents) or with skin cleansers containing chlorhexidine may also produce false positive results.

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