Lab Test : T4

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Phone:(937) 641-3428
SQ Code:T4
Available:Mon - Fri, first shift only
Turnaround:24 hours
Volume:0.7 mL
Container:4 mL red top tube
Temperature:Transport to lab within 30 minutes.
Rejection:Samples held at room temperature for more than 8 hours.
1 month: 7.2-15.7g/Dl
1 year: 6.0-14.2 g/dL
10 yYears: 4.7-12.4 g/dL
21 years: 5.3-10.5 g/dL
1 month: 7.2-15.7 g/dL
1 year: 6.0-14.2g/dL
10 years: 4.7-12.4g/dL
21 years:5.7-11.4 g/dL
Uses:T4 levels are useful in monitoring patients with hyperthyroidism; also used to screen for thyroid dysfunction.
Limitations:The anticonvulsant drug phenytoin may interfere with the total and free T4 levels due to competition for TBG binding sites.
Method:Competitive chemiluminescence immunoassay

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