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Autism Diagnostic Center

Autism Diagnostic Center

The Dayton Children’s autism diagnostic center provides screening tests for children younger than 5 years to determine whether behaviors are consistent with autism or another developmental or learning disorder.

Signs may begin to develop in children as young as 6 months, however a clear diagnosis normally can’t be made until a child is 2 years or older.  Research shows that early intervention treatment services at that time can improve a child’s development.

When youir child visits the Dayton Children's autism diagnostic center they will be screened based upon their specific situation and needs. After the screening, the evaluating staff member will make a determination about whether the child has autism or another developmental delay. The family will then be connected to the services that best suit their needs for that disorder. Those services may be based at Dayton Children’s or they may be based at other community organizations.


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If you think your child may have autism please speak to your child's primary care physician to receive a referral to the Dayton Children's autism diagnostic center.


Patient Questionnaire

After you have received contact from our office indicating that your referral has been accepted, please fill out this form to help us better understand your concerns.

View and complete the form 

Make a referral

Phone: 937-641-4000
Fax referral forms: 937-641-4500, 24 hours
Toll-free fax: 1-866-891-6941
Hours: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Download our fax referral form or make a referral online.

Autism diagnostic center


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