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Welcome to Dayton Children's Sports Medicine

Dayton Children's Hospital Sports Medicine

What makes our program unique?

Kids are unique; they are not just small adults. Kids deserve care that is developed specifically for them to reach their own unique milestones—that includes athletics.

Why choose sports medicine?

  • We treat more youth and teen orthopaedics than anybody else in the Dayton area.
  • Young athletes’ bones have growth plates and must be treated carefully to prevent long-term damage.
  • During growth spurts, young athletes are susceptible to unique injuries and conditions that our team is trained to handle.
  • The psychology of a young athlete is different. Our team gets to know each athlete, how they think, feel and what motivates them.

At Dayton Children’s Hospital, our certified and fellowship trained sports medicine experts are dedicated to the care of young athletes. Because our team is specially trained in pediatrics, we understand how an injury may impact growth, or how growth might impact rehabilitation. We also offer supportive care in areas like sports nutrition.

What’s the difference between orthopaedics and sports medicine?

Athletic injuries aren’t always musculoskeletal. That’s why we have established a strong orthopaedic and sports medicine program at Dayton Children’s. While both specialties treat musculoskeletal injuries, sports medicine also focuses on non-musculoskeletal injuries such as concussions, nutrition, heat and cold illnesses and much more. At Dayton Children’s, our orthopaedics and sports medicine team works together for the complete care of the athlete.

Some of the conditions we treat:

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