Lab Test : Ammonia, Blood

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Alternate:NH4; NH3
Phone:(937) 641-3428
Available:Daily, 24 hours
Turnaround:20 minutes
Specimen:Heparinized plasma. Must be venipuncture.
Volume:0.5 mL blood. Tube must be full, tightly capped, and PLACED ON ICE IMMEDIATELY.
Container:Green top (heparinized) vacutainer or microtainer (see above instructions)
Temperature:Place specimen immediately on ice and transport to lab within 15 minutes after collection.
Rejection:Specimen not on ice, in transport longer than 15 minutes, hemolysis, traumatic stick.
Normal:10-40 Ámol/L
Uses:Liver function test, supports clinical diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic cirrhosis, Reye's Syndrome, or aminoacidurias of infancy.
Limitations:Sodium citrate increases ammonia levels; Do not use hemolyzed specimens; Avoid stasis; do not leave tourniquet on for longer than 15 seconds; Do not use Ammonium heparin tubes; only 80% of patients with Reye's Syndrome are reported to have elevated ammonia levels.
Method:Enzymatic biochromatic rate (NADP/NADPH)

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