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answers to questions about the emergency department

Below are answers to some common questions we hear about the emergency department at Dayton Children’s. Please feel free to contact us with other questions — we are here to help.

what should I bring to the emergency department? 

If possible, please bring:

should I bring my teenager to Dayton Children’s for emergency care

Your teen is no longer a child… but not quite an adult. Their bodies and their minds are still growing! That is important to remember when an injury or illness strikes. Because when teens—even older teens—are hurting, they tend to regress, or behave younger than their age. At Dayton Children’s, our staff provides developmentally appropriate care in a setting where your teen will be among other kids, not sick and injured adults.

what if I have questions after we return home?

If your child was seen in a Dayton Children’s emergency department or urgent care center in the last 72 hours, you are welcome to call us at 937-641-3893 with any questions or concerns.

After your emergency department visit, you may receive a call from our outreach nurse. The nurse will:

I have questions about my bill. whom should I call?

You may receive multiple bills after your emergency department visit, depending on the services your child received. These may include a bill from the attending physician, radiology department, or ambulance company, for instance. If you have questions about your Dayton Children’s bill or would like to arrange a payment plan, please call our billing department at 937-641-3555 or send us an e-mail

If you have a question about a bill you receive from TEAMHealth, please contact that company directly at 888-952-6772 or visit their website TEAMHealth bills for provider services in the emergency department.

contact us follow up

If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911, go to the nearest emergency department or call your child’s primary care doctor.

Was your child seen in a Dayton Children’s emergency department or urgent care center in the last 72 hours? If so, please call our outreach nurse directly with any questions or concerns: 937-641-3893.

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