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visitor restrictions for COVID-19

Updated on July 1, 2023
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Masks are optional in public spaces. 

  • You are welcome to continue wearing a mask, if you prefer.
  • If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness or are recovering from COVID-19, we ask that you continue to wear a mask in public spaces.
  • As always, masks are required in isolation rooms, operating rooms and procedural areas.

Outpatient (including clinic visits, testing services, surgery and urgent/emergency care):

  • Two parents or caregivers can accompany the patient.
  • We recommend that you leave siblings at home for the safest and most productive visit, however we understand that is not always possible, so we will not restrict siblings from attending the visit.
  • Some clinics continue to limit to one visitor, like sleep lab. If you have received instructions that only one visitor is allowed, please follow those instructions

Inpatient stays:

  • Up to ten people can be identified for visitation during the duration of the patient’s stay. Only four visitors may be in a patient's room at one time. Certain units such as the intensive care unit or the behavioral health unit may have differing policies based on the care they provide. 
  • All parents/legal guardians or support person/visitors must be healthy - free from fever, cough or cold symptoms, stomach virus symptoms, no loss of smell or taste, and living with people who are also healthy.
  • We strongly encourage our visitors to follow the Ohio Department of Health recommendation to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to reduce spread of the virus.
  • Parents/legal guardians or support persons for NICU patients are not permitted on unit if COVID-19 positive.
  • Negative COVID patient:

    • No COVID-19 positive persons or symptomatic individuals awaiting test results will be permitted to visit COVID-19 negative patients. Exceptions will be made based on clinical situation.

  • Positive COVID patient:

    • If patient is positive for COVID-19 only parent/legal guardians will be permitted to visit. Exceptions will be made based on clinical situation.

    • Parents/legal guardians or support person visiting a positive COVID patient will be restricted to room for duration of visitation.

updates on COVID-19

Please use our coronavirus information hub for resources and answers to frequently asked questions about Dayton Children's response to COVID-19. You can also call our COVID-19 parent hotline at 1-888-746-KIDS (5437) from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm for additional questions. 

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