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2/5/20grand rounds

grand rounds: What to Do When Nobody Knows What to Do: Improving Care for Youth with Somatic Symptom Disorders

What to Do When Nobody Knows What to Do:  Improving Care for Youth with Somatic Symptom Disorders

Originally presented on February 5, 2020

Presented by:

Jacqueline Warner, PhD-Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, WSU BSOM; Psychologist, Dayton Children's Hospital
Erin Webster, PhD-Psychologist, Dayton Children’s Hospital
Latisha Hutchins-Gathers, PsyD-Psychologist, Dayton Children's Hospital

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1.    Explain to patients the mind-body connection in the context of somatic symptom disorders.
2.    Implement effective strategies to help decrease healthcare utilization and improve patient experience for these patients.
3.    Describe and participate in evidence-based care for patients with somatic symptom disorders.

To receive your CME credit for this activity:
After viewing and reflecting on this presentation in its entirety, click on "CME Post-Test" to take the post-test and evaluation. After submitting the online test/evaluation it will be submitted to Dayton Children's department of medical education. CME credit will be awarded upon successful completion of the post-test and evaluation.
*Participants should only claim the hours of participation.

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