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twins needed emergency care for heart condition

“Your child needs to be taken to the NICU right away.” Words no mother wants to hear, let alone a first-time mom of twins.

Jameson and Lexington were born early via C-section, but after being home just 12 hours from the hospital, their mom, Heather, felt something was not right. Jameson was extremely lethargic while his brother Lexington would not stop crying. Heather took them straight to the pediatrician.

After examining Jameson, the pediatrician sent the baby directly to Dayton Children’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

“The nurses stayed calm and helped explain everything to us,” Heather said, “They were great. I felt as though the nurses were encouraging and coaching us parents as much as they were helping the kids in the NICU.”

After three days under observation in the NICU, both boys were admitted for bradycardia: a heart rate below 100 beats per minute. Thanks to the technology and treatment you helped provide through your gifts, the boys were well enough to go home after 10 long days. Heather and her husband, Jesse, were so grateful, they made a special donation to help the NICU purchase new bilirubin blankets - special pads that help newborns suffering from jaundice.

“It’s crazy to think that 100 years ago they wouldn’t have survived,” Jesse says. “Now that we see them up running, and see how smart and fun they are, it’s hard to think that we might not have been able to experience that without help from Dayton Children’s.”

Thanks to your generous support, Jameson and Lexington were able to receive the best care in our region and are healthy, strong, and fun toddlers who keep their parents’ hearts full of love and laughter.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our NICU has seen continued growth in babies needing specialized care. Our Level III NICU is the most comprehensive NICU in the region and is the main referral center for premature and sick newborns. At the time of printing, 32 babies were being cared for in our NICU. Support from our caring community of donors and partners is vital in helping our tiniest patients thrive!