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2/1/12blog post

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I’ve often wondered how something becomes a trend…what does it take to get people engaged? I resisted social media when it first came out – I just wasn’t interested in Facebook or Twitter but then as we did research for Dayton Children’s I found it to be an incredibly useful platform for engaging the community about children’s health and safety. And now – low and behold – I’m a blogger!

My newest obsession, my jump on the bandwagon, is Pinterest. As a mommy I love a new way to connect with people and get fantastic ideas for bedroom decorations, party foods and my future garden. It’s also a fantastic way to showcase what makes Dayton Children’s just right for kids.

It’s hard to know 100 years from now what our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will think of social media – will they be able to look back and say that we did something good – we connected on issues that were important and therefore were able to move the dial? Will our obsession with being connected have an end goal? I hope so – there is tremendous opportunity to do so!

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Read “How a children’s hospital is reaching mom’s on Pinterest” from Ragan healthcare communication.