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2/18/13blog post

when mom gets sick

Mommy has strep throat. And let me tell you, having escaped the illness for the past 30 years, it can stay away for at least 30 years more! I have simply felt miserable for the past 5 days. My throat has been on fire. It has hurt to swallow, cough, and sometimes even breathe. I have felt simply exhausted with some headache and nausea. So, knowing how I have felt, my heart breaks for all of the children who become infected with strep throat, sometimes even more than once per year. However, the highlight of this illness was to put my advice to the test and discover that it actually works!! I often recommend symptomatic care for viral and bacterial pharyngitis (sore throat). Symptomatic care includes rest, increasing fluids, popsicles, soups, salt water gargles and OTC pain relievers (acetaminophen or ibuprofen.) Yes, I have been using all of these measures this weekend. And they have REALLY provided me with some relief for a few hours at a time. I have taken naps and slept in, as my children would allow, I have drank lots of water. I have made salt water gargles and taken my Ibuprofen regularly. However, I did break down and finally see my own physician after the symptoms persisted for 72 hours and seemed to be getting worse instead of better. My rapid strep test came back positive. So now I have also started my antibiotics. I bought my new toothbrush to start using today as well. Let’s hope that this does not spread to the kids or even more to Jeff.

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